About Us

Our Mission

Lexington United for Livability is a grassroots organization made up of residents from all over the city that care about the future of Lexington.

Our mission is to help make Lexington a more livable and resilient city for all residents, through research, education, advocacy, and action.

What We Do


We research the issues that matter to all Lexingtonians. From transportation to taxation, decisions made at city hall affect households throughout Fayette County. Lexington United for Livability works to tell the stories behind the data, maps, and charts, while learning from other communities around the world to develop best practices for Lexington.


We work to educate our neighbors, our leaders and our communities on how we can build a more active and inclusive city. We work to break down the barriers between neighborhoods and developers by providing a common language and promoting development practices that fit for our community needs.


We advocate for contextual and responsive regulations that create healthier, engaging and more sustainable communities. Design that puts people first, advocating for solutions that are community-led and meet the needs of all Lexingtonians.


We act with the best interest of our community in mind. Taking a page or two out of the tactical urbanist playbook, we look for best practices and ideas from around the world, and work to implement them right here in Lexington.